Vivaldi Gloria

To download your practice mp3, windows users should right click their parts under the title of each piece. Select "Save Target As..." or "Save File As..." Move these files into your favorite media player and download to your mp3. Mac users can download their files by pressing "alt" and selecting the file on the screen. Of course if you are not interested in downloading them, all files are playable by simply selecting them!

This performance is SUPERB! Be warned though, it contains both version 589 and 588, so please practice with the files below to avoid confusion. There are more videos below on the historical practices of this piece, and how it came into existence. Definitely worth a watch!

Practicing TipOnce you feel comfortable singing your part to the song, challenge yourself by practicing with the tracks "All Parts"

GloriaSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Et in terraSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Laudamus te (duet)All Parts

Gratias agimus tibiSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Propter magnam gloriamSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Domine deus (soprano solo)All Parts

Domine fili unigeniteSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Domine deus agnus deiSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts (and solo)

Qui tollis peccata mundiSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Qui sedes ad dexteram patris (alto solo)All Parts

Quoniam tu solus sanctusSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Cum sancto spirituSopranoAltoTenorBassAll Parts

Vivaldi's Women BBC Documentary