Solo and Ensemble Rehearsal Tracks (alphabetical)
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Maybe This Time-Alto Musical Theatre Role Class A
Vocal Line

Miracle of Miracles-Tenor Musical Theatre Class A
Miracle of Miracles Vocal Line
Miracle of Miracles Accompaniment

Mister Sandman-Women's Barbershop Class A
Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
All Voices

The Monk and His Cat-Alto Class A
Vocal Line

Music of the Night-Tenor Musical Theatre Class A
Music of the Night Accompaniment
Music of the Night (transposed 3 half steps High)

My Lord, What a Morning Class B (Alto 1121B7 and Bass 1121B7) Spirituals for Solo SingersVocal Line with AccompanimentDownload MP3

My Lover is a Farmer Lad Class A (Soprano Solo) John Jacob Niles
Vocal Line

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Class C (Alto 1121C7 and Bass 1221C7) SpiritualsVocal Line Download MP3AccompanimentDownload MP3

O del mio dolce ardor Class A (Bass 1221AS01 & Alto 1121AS01) 24 ItalianVocal LineDownload MP3AccompanimentDownload MP3
O del mio dolce ardor Pronunciation

O del mio dolce ardor Class A (Soprano 1111AS01 and Tenor 1211AS01) 24 Italian
O del mio dolce-high Vocal Line
O del mio dolce-high Accompaniment

O Lovely Peace (Handel) Class A Duet
Vocal Line Female p1
Vocal Line Female p2
Vocal Line Male p1
Vocal Line Male p2

O mio babbino Class A (Soprano)
Vocal Line

O Sleep, Why dost Thou Leave Me? Class A (Alto 1121A1) First Book of MezzoVocal LineDownload MP3AccompanimentDownload MP3

Oh Thou that Tellest, Good Tidings to Zion Class A (Alto 1121AS03) MessiahVocal LineDownload MP3AccompanimentDownload MP3

Orange Colored Sky Class A Female Barbershop
Soprano 1
Soprano 2
Alto 1
Alto 2
All parts Equal

Per la gloria Class AVocal LineDownload MP3Vocal Line: Last Verse Download MP3

Pie Jesu-Weber (Duet: Class A)Low Version Alto LinePie Jesu Low AltoLow Version Soprano LinePie Jesu Low SopranoLow Version AccompanimentPie Jesu Low Accompaniment

Pie Jesu-Weber (Duet: Class A)High Version Alto LineDownload MP3High Version Soprano LineDownload MP3High Version AccompanimentDownload MP3

Popular-Female Musical Theatre Class A
Popular Vocal Line
Popular Accompaniment

Put on a Happy Face-Bass Musical Theatre Class APut on a Happy Face Accompaniment and Vocal Line

Qui Sedes- Alto Solo Class A From Vivaldi's Gloria
Vocal Line

Ridente la Calma (Class A)Vocal LineDownload MP3AccompanimentDownload MP3PronunciationDownload MP3

Roadside Fire Bass Class A
Roadside Fire Low Vocal Line
Roadside Fire Low Accompaniment

Roadside Fire Tenor Class A
Roadside Fire High Vocal Line
Roadside Fire High Accompaniment